Supported artist: Freark Broersma

The foundation Animeetscom seeks funding for the animation project “Crowded (revised)”, author and director: Freark Broersma.

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Freark has a background in sculpting, painting, games and animation. He started his career in 1981 as an independent artist creating his own work; drawings and oil paintings. In 1986 – 1988 was a co-owner of an art gallery. Teaching animation since 1999 until now, and games since 2008 at the HKU, Willem de Kooning Academy, NHL, SAE, and the HVA in the Netherlands. Worked for dutch production companies; Digital Entertainment, De Beeldenstorm, Electrogig, and Verdima. And created several animation shorts: “Joram”, “Bosmannetje”, “Tweebenig wezen”, “Chicken”, “Rups en plant”, “Beauty of the beast”, “Escape from Paradise”, “Vierkante aarde”, “Sweet Revenge”, and “Crowded”.

The pages Drawings, Paintings and Digital Art on this website show his work in drawing, painting and digital art. In the past, he made the animated short “Escape from Paradise”, “Sweet Revenge” and “Crowded”. “Escape from Paradise” has been touring the short animation festival circuit, and is shown at:

Lowlands (Netherlands) – august 2003
Dutch Film Festival – Utrecht (Netherlands) – september 2003
Taipei Golden Horse Digital Film Festival – Taipei (Taiwan) – december 2003
Cartoombria, Perugia (Italy) – december 2003
De Winternachten Internationaal Literair Festival (Netherlands) – january 2004
Docuzone (Netherlands) – march 2004
Fantasporto, Porto (Portugal) – february 2004
Festival International du Film Fantastique (Belgium) – march 2004
Granada International Young Filmmakers Festival (Spain) – april 2004
Ciber@rt (Spain) – april 2004
Taiwan International Animation Festival (Taiwan) – may 2004
Sniff Slovenië – june 2005
Festival ‘Anima Mundi’ (Brazil) – july 2004
SICAF-  Animasia (Korea) – august 2004
Interfilm Berlin (Germany) – november 2004
BIAF Brisbane International Filmfestival (Australia) – november 2004
Hückelhoven Youth Festival (Belgium/Netherlands/Belgium) – november 2004
Holland Animation Film Festival (the Netherlands) – november 2004
Seagate Foyle Film Festival (Ireland) – november 2004
Rennes Festival Court Metrages (France) – december 2004
Tiburon International Film Festival (California, USA) – march 2005
Fearless Tales Festival (San Fansisco, USA) – april 2005
Cortoons Festival (Rome, Italy) – june 2005
Southern Shorts (Eindhoven, Breda, Tilburg, Den Bosch, Netherlands) – december 2005
International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands) – january 2006
Passionate (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – november 2006
Lille l’Hybride (France) – october 2007

“Crowded” has been touring the short animation festival circuit, and is shown at:

Neum Animated Film Festival Bosnië & Herzegovina 2016
Shortz Festival Montenegro 2016
CutOut Fest Mexico 2016