“Welcome to the Ani meets Com foundation.”
The foundation was established in 1999 and is based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to support artists who are engaged in 3D-computeranimation and have highly artistic ambitions. The foundation promotes 3D-computeranimation through initiating non-commercial projects that tell an original and personal story.

The foundation visualises 3D-computeranimation as a medium where animation, film, art and sound can fuse. It believes with the use of 3D-computeranimation in the possibilities of creating new design methods where the artist has the freedom to choose from a complete range of techniques to utilise in an imaginary space.
The foundation wants to assist artists in crossing the technical barriers that keeps them from using 3D-computeranimation. Our vision is to be a forum where artistic and creative people can share their knowledge and have the opportunity to experiment in this new medium.


Registration Foundation Animeetscom:
The foundation is registered at the East Brabant Chamber of Commerce, the Netherlands number: 17119426

Article 1
Name and seat:
Stichting AnimeetsCom
The foundation has its seat in the municipality of Bovensmilde, the Netherlands.

Article 2
The realisation and publication of non-commercial films of a high artistic standard as well as the sharing of all resulting knowledge.
The execution of all further dealings referred to herein above in its broadest context or for that purpose could be beneficial.

The foundation endeavours to fulfil its mission through:
Enabling artists to generate ideas for non-commercial animated films.
Advising and guiding artists in the realisation of non-commercial animated films.
The placing of physical means at the disposal of artists, for the realisation of animated films.
The compensation of employee’s costs and all other costs that are necessary for the realisation of an animated project.
The publicity and distribution for animated films and the rights of sale there of.
Generally self or co-producing non-commercial animated films.
The sharing of knowledge in every conceivable way gained from the productions in which they were involved.
The seeking of finances for its projects through means of subsidies, gifts, selling of rights on film material, co-productions, prizes and the like, advising and ultimately profits from participation in productions.