10 Year History Chart Investment Tool

June 29, 2008 | Read Now

I was browsing through the SMF Yahoo Groups and I came across a nice looking spreadsheet that graphs up to 10 years of information. When I look for or create spreadsheets my focus is on ease of use and pleasing aesthetics. If at first glance the spreadsheet is overwhelming, no one will want to use it, including myself. With that in mind, I bring you this new spreadsheet.

Free 5YR DCF Fair Value Spreadsheet

June 27, 2008 | Read Now

Although finding great, stable companies with more than 10 years of history to examine is ideal, not all companies fall into this category. A boat load of companies fall into the category of around 5 years of operational history. This modified spreadsheet calculates the intrinsic value based on the last 5 years and I’ll also take you through the steps to modify the spreadsheet yourself so that you can apply it to other databases other than Morningstar.

Free Discounted Cash Flow Spreadsheet

March 24, 2008 | Read Now

Get a free DCF spreadsheet here and I’ll show you how to use it. Plus, why is the premium spreadsheet so much better than the free one. Hint: the premium one automatically fills the sheet with data.

Old School Value Investment Portfolio Spreadsheet

February 12, 2008 | Read Now

Written by Jae Jun follow me on Facebook Twitter [edit] Newer Version of Investment Portfolio Spreadsheet Available There is now […]

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